Stress and pressure is part of all in everyday life, as once life and work style gets more and more mechanical & luxurious the amount of stress and pressure is increasing day by day and we all seek for a method of relaxation which may differ from person to person.Ayurveda along with yoga offers traditional treatment methods which provides a great sense of relaxation from any form of stress and pressure which makes once body and mind totally relaxed,according to ayurveda relaxation is the clam state of mind, soothing feeling in the nervous system and a total feeling of profound peace and happiness.Ayurveda advocates various treatment techniques like Shirodhara,Abhyangam which is a very effective method for reducing stress which inturns provides relaxation of body and mind,improves memory power and concentration,increases the inner strength and helps to maintain healthy mind and body. Stress is nothing but uncomfortable state of mind. It is the state of mental or emotional strain. Ayurveda, the “Science of Life. Ayurveda believes this to be Maanas Dosha (mental disorder). There are several single herbs and compounds that give relieves in stress. According to ayurveda, human body is made of three doshas—vata, pitta and kapha, which are also present in the nature. These three doshas are in constant interaction with each other inside human body and proper balance of this three doshas helps to maintain healthy mind and body.


  • High pressure due to day to day work & life style
  • Changing high pace and high demanding work culture
  • Lack of exercise and improper life style management
  • Lack of proper sleep & rest
  • Mental tension due to family,health,money problems
  • Damage to mind occurs due to personal mishappenings in life
  • Due to ageing process


A person who seeks rejuvenation will feel restless and irritated and lose control in himself.The co-ordination of mind and body will be totally loosed which inturn reacts in varied emotions to time to time. The major symptoms of Stress are

  • Occurrence of headaches frequently, clenching of jaws or pain
  • Sweaty/cold hands & feet
  • Sweating/blushing frequently
  • Pain in stomach and burning sensation in heart
  • Back/Neck ache with strain in muscles
  • Showing high anger,frustration and hostility
  • Frequent nighmares,insomania & disturbing dreams
  • Showing less work efficiency and productivity
  • Losing effiency in making proper decisions
  • Sign of depression and frequent mood swings


According to ayurveda Stress occurs due to imbalance of Panchaboothas which in turns leads imbalance of tree state of minds They are “sattva” (knowledge, purity), “rajas” (action, passion) and “tamas” (inertia, ignorance). Stress disorders or imbalances are caused due to the decreases in “Sattva” and increase of “rajas” and “tamas”. The decrease in Sattva guna of mind inturn leads to less mental strength, determination, and losing of power to discriminate (to distinguish right from wrong).This state of mind makes, the mind over stressed. This may also lead to other mental disorders like anxiety, depression, fear, and nervous debility.Stress makes one to lose the balance state of mind which in turns leads to unhealthy mind and body condition.The major causes of stress in today life style are environmental factors, such less exposure to sufficient natural light and air, adulteration/malnutrition/chemicals from food, and the intake of toxins& stimulants, including caffeine, tobacco, and alcohol.Ayurvedic treatments make once mind and body in a stable state, which in turn increase the potential of a individual and helpsl to act or behave in healthy way.

Diet & Lifestyle Advice

  • Include whole grains in the diet, such as wheat bread/pasta and brown rice.
  • Include fruits, fruits juice, vegetables (raw or cooked),sprouts, nuts rich in diet
  • Use milk products like butter, buttermilk etc
  • Regularly mediate and practice parnayama/breathing technique
  • Indulge in regular recreation/exercise like cycling, badminton, swimming etc which in turns provide relaxation to body and mind.
  • Avoid excessive stress and excessive physical work which may cause damage to body.
  • Indulge in hobbies of listening music, drawing etc in turns provides relaxation to mind and body

Some Home Remedies

» Take some fresh beetroots and having fresh juice extracted from beetroot will help to reduce stress

»Take a blow of nuts like almonds, nuts etc which is rich in proteins which inturn help to reduce stress.

» Take fresh bananas,figs,peanuts etc which helps to have a sound sleep which inturn results to reduce stress.

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